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BASS: Il Pirata to host drum ‘n’ bass benefit party for Asian tsunami relief

The San Francisco drum ‘n’ bass community continues helping out Asia’s post-tsunami relief efforts. Il Pirata says it will donate all proceeds from its DNB party on Thursday, February 17 to the relief efforts still underway. Their line-up includes Femme Fatale vs. Ultraviolet, Cubehead vs. Salski, The Doctor vs. Matty G, and Salokin vs. Journee. Expect to find a few surprise DJs as well.

The Mic Militia – MC Souljah and the Colonel MC – and MC Child will keep the crowd bouncing with some fast and tight rap. Party runs from 10pm to 2am with a $5 donation at the door. Address: 2007 16th Street, in the SFC.

For those who didn’t hear, back in mid January, South of Market club Mighty donated a week’s worth of door and bar proceeds to the American Red Cross Asian tsunami relief fund back in mid-January. Mighty’s five parties brought in members of the drum ‘n’ bass, house, trance, and hip hop communities.

The tsunami killed more than 150,000 people throughout Asia, left thousands more homeless, and in its wake the region is hurting badly for basic social services. Consider the Il Pirata benefit a chance to contribute something while bouncing to some phat bass lines. And enjoying a drink. Or five.

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