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BASS: Drum & Bass producer SKC drops limited edition 12"

We’ve snapped up just about every vinyl release we could find from Drum & Bass producer SKC in the past two years. The Budapest, Hungary-native’s pulsating, bass-heavy tracks are perfect when a D&B mix is hitting its mid to late peak levels, so when record label Commercial Suicide said it’s "very excited to announce another release from SKC" we got ready for another day of scouring Bay Area record stores for his latest.

Three of the best tracks from last year’s groundbreaking album "Killing Me Softly," which were available only in CD, are now released in vinyl. Also, a previously un-released track "Headquarter" is also available.

Problem is, with the record label pressing just 500 units it’s a near certainty you won’t find them at your local record store. So you’ll have to hit the Commercial Suicide website’s store section to get your copies. Meanwhile, click here to listen to Headquarter, the very latest track from this talented producer.

SKC produced his first single in 2001 on New York City’s Inflection Records launched by Mike Rivera. He followed with appearances on various compilations including an EP called "Future Sound of Budapest" in 2005. SKC also appeared on some of the top D&D labels such as DSCI4, Black Sun Empire Recordings, Soul:R, Good Looking, Timeless and Hospital.


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