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BASS: House music producer Carl Kennedy to release ‘Ride The Storm’

In December 2006 Carl Kennedy invited legendary singer/songwriter Andrew Roachford to record vocals for his new production of "Ride The Storm," the hypnotic cut from Roachford’s 1994 album "Permanent Shade Of Blue." The soulful voice and carefully crafted track won immediate attention from top tier House music DJs such as Pete Tong and recent International Dance Music Awards winner Roger Sanchez. Kennedy now has a vinyl release of the track slated for release on June 25, Wasted Youth Music and Effin Records announced.

However, in this digital age of file sharing, labels around the world began tripping over themselves to license "Ride The Storm" for their territories, and some that were unable to legitimately secure the rights took matters into their own hands. According to Kennedy’s spokesman, various labels tried every method imaginable to prevent the promotion and eventual release by Kennedy’s own Wasted Youth label.

"When all else failed they recorded and released a watered down copycat of Carl’s production, and would have people believe it’s the original version that generated so much enthusiasm," said Justin Kleinfeld in a press release. "Nothing could be further from the truth."

Fortunately, Carl hasn’t backed down, and the real deal version can now be found through a network of international licensees, download sites, and will finally be available in the US in June. See your local record store beginning June 25 for "Ride The Storm" in 12", and check out Carl’s website for more information about his productions.


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