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BASS: DJ Mag announces Top 100 clubs poll open for voting
Press Release

DJs worldwide are invited to shape DJmag's Top 100 Clubs Poll by simply voting for their top three clubs on the planet. While our long-running Top 100 DJs Poll offers clubbers the opportunity to vote for their favourite DJs, this is a chance for DJs to speak out - creating a definitive list of the best dance clubs and rave spots the world has to offer.

Following the success of the past two years, DJmag's clubs poll is expanding from 50 to 100, allowing us to discover even more must-visit clubs around the globe.

London club Fabric was crowned Best Club In The World in 2006, before Space in Ibiza lifted the title last year. With more corners of the world opening up to dance music and air travel making the world a much smaller place, will DJs continue to vote for established venues or will some new clubs from off-the-beaten tracks make an appearance in this year's poll?

Whatever kind of DJ you are, be it a Top 100 DJ, someone new and up and coming, or someone who plays the local scene - provided you're a DJ and have seen more than just your bedroom then your vote is needed.

Voting is now open. So head over to djmag.com and vote for your top three clubs in the world or fire an email to our clubs editor at allan.mcgrath (at) djmag.com. Voting closes mid February and the results will be announced in our April issue, out March 26th.


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