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BASS: Kikumoto Allstars 'House Music' EP slated for release
Press Release

Heading up his forthcoming Gigolo album release,'House Music', coming in May 2009, Australia's Kikumoto Allstars brings his second single release to DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo imprint: The‘House Music’ EP.

In the spirit of the original Chicago acid house of Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard and Adonis, and with the intensity of modern dance, comes the Kikumoto Allstars aka DJ/Producer Cam Farrar. Kikumoto Allstars holds a candle to the original house music with screaming acid basslines and melodic moments that made this pioneering dance music so great.

Although intentionally retro, his music is informed by today's dance with innovative arrangements and twisted, peaking crescendos. The Kikumoto Allstars remind us that acid house music is back and bigger than ever: YOU STILL CAN'T STOP THE HOUSE!

'House Music' and 'Bending Time'look back to acid in a forward thinking way. Designed for the Peaktime Dancefloor, Kikumoto Allstars gives you the right to party.

Kikumoto Allstars AKA Cam Farrar was first drawn to electronic music when he saw Devo on Australian television in the early 1980’s. As a teenager, inspired by punk and new wave, Farrar began his career in bands, hitting the skins and song writing. With the 90’s dance music revolution underway Farrar was swept up. Australia was now experiencing it’s own halcyon days with warehouse and bush parties beating through the musical landscape. The DIY ethos of dance appealed and Farrar quickly picked up the skills.

Kikumoto Allstars music is produced with all analogue synthesizers and drum machines including the famous Roland range (TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, SH-101, Juno range, Jx-8p and of course the TB-303 which started the acid house revolution), paying homage to Tadao Kikumoto, the brains behind these now legendary machines.

Click here to listen to the EP on Myspace. For more information about Gigolo Records check out their website.


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