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BASS: Noisia releases DNB mix, debut album ‘Split The Atom’ -- with audio

Noisia, among today’s hottest production crews in Drum & Bass and on a roll with their recent debut studio album "Split The Atom," has released a new mix  readers can hear for free. The Dutch crew -- Nik Roos, Thijs de Vlieger and Martijn van Sonderen -- has been among the most prolific DNB producers since founding their label Vision Recordings in 2005.

Noisia has become an increasingly popular staple of DNB mixes with DJs around the world for their hard, driving basslines, varied pacing and ominous effects. Over the past month they’ve been touring clubs nonstop in support of their first full-length album but that hasn’t stopped them from churning out studio mixes.

NoisiaClick here to hear their latest mix as well as a video for their single "Exodus" courtesy of the Noisia official website.

NOISIA, whose name is derived from ‘VISION’ inverted upside down, has won a bevy of awards in recent years including ‘Best Producers’ at the Dutch D&B Awards in 2006 and 2007, Knowledge Mag Top 20 Tunes of the Decade 2000 to 2009: No 4 with ‘The Tide’, ‘Best Tech DJ’ in the UK National D&B Awards in 2009 and ‘Best DNB Artist’ on Beatport.

Noisia is starting a new imprint called Invisible in 2010, which they note will focus on more experimental DNB releases they’ll produce along with other artists. In addition, they’re starting to explore live DNB to accompany their live shows.

Split The Atom, which has a wide variety of styles and genres from Electro to DNB, is in record stores worldwide and is available online with an exclusive iTunes version that includes two bonus tracks. Click their website for more information on Noisia and friend them at Facebook.



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