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BASS: Oscar G. to release debut original artist CD ‘Innov8’
Edited Press Release

On April 22, NYC underground House music label Nervous Records will release Oscar G’s first-ever original artist CD, "Innov8." As one-half of landmark Miami-based Murk (along with partner Ralph Falcon), Oscar G. is known as one of the most versatile talents in all of dance music. Over the years, he’s produced some of dance music’s all-time biggest hits while also fashioning a style all his own as a DJ.

Oscar GWith DJing and producing holding an equal level of importance in defining Oscar’s talent, he created an artist CD that perfectly reflects both sides of the story. Innov8 is an album of all original material that Oscar G personally wrote, but also arranged, mixed and programmed as a DJ set. It’s a spectacular mix of original song segments, loops, samples, edits, effects and mixed grooves created from the eight original songs featured on the album.

"I feel like dance music is better represented when it is served by a DJ, so this album is an attempt to showcase my original material while also wearing a DJ hat to put it together for the listener. Each track on this album is there not only because I feel it is strong enough as a song, but also because it serves a purpose in the overall DJ mix that binds the album," Oscar G (pictured left) said.

Musically, Innov8 reflects Oscar G’s dark side. It feels like a trip through a steamy jungle where the sweat just pours out and the heat never lets up. While there is definitely a tropical/ tribal vibe to the programming, it’s much different than anything you’ve ever heard from Oscar. Many tracks are minimal in nature and it requires complete attention to take in the experience that Innov8 will provide to the listener. It’s not just about creating eight house tracks. This is about creating a story through house music filled with the up and down emotions of a DJ set.

The release of Innov8 strengthens an alliance between two of the most influential names in modern electronic club music, Oscar G and Nervous Records. Launched in 1991 by Michael Weiss, Nervous Records has built its reputation through a willingness to take chances on new sounds and new producers. Nervous was the first American label to sign and release tracks from some of dance music’s most respected names.

Oscar G’s 2007 mix CD/DVD release Nervous Nitelife: Space Miami was a huge success for both the label and artist with Nervous Nitelife branded events taking off across the country. Critically, the hard work has not gone unnoticed as DJ Times is set to profile the resurgent Oscar G. on the cover of its March issue.

Oscar G’s Innov8 comes after several critically acclaimed mixed albums. In addition to "Nervouse Nitelife, another key album includes Made In Miami (Star 69 Records). In support of his upcoming April 22 release, Oscar G. will play events at this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami. His WMC schedule includes the following:

Nervous Terrace at Nocturnal Terrace
Featuring sets by Oscar G, Ralph Falcon, Behrouz, Austin Leeds, Nick Terranova + More

Made In Miami at Cameo
Oscar G + More

For more information on Nervous Records check out their website.


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