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BASS: Peter Kruder releases ‘Visions Ltd’ EP
Edited Press Release

Peter Kruder, one half of the legendary duo Kruder & Dorfmeister, has launced a melodious EP through International Deejay Gigolo Records that marks his first 12" release in several years. The title track ‘Visions LTD’ is a soundscape of dance floor dreams -- soft yet progressive, a track that commands you to dance.

On the B side, ‘Shine’ kicks up the pace, balancing a heavy elasticized bottom end with some deep and dark synth action.

As one exact half of Kruder and Dorfmeister, one very impressible third of Voom Voom, and one solid whole as Peace Orchestra in his solo project, Kruder is universally praised for being responsible for some of the finest electronic music in the last fifteen years. This is a DJ, producer and musician that refuse to look left or right, and certainly will never look back.

Peter Kruder is all about forward vision and imagination to what the future may bring. Single minded, exact, and ultra professional in all his work. His DJ sets are legendary and noted for surprises far beyond what is expected of him.

We could go on about the past where Peter Kruder has featured or presided, about how cool the K&D ‘Sessions’ and remixes were and still are, about how far and wide he has traveled on this monumental musical journey, an incredible account of the series of events making up this extraordinary person's life. But to someone that lives solely in the now and the future, this would seem out of place. Peter would never really enjoy this anyway.

As a producer, he is unsurpassed. His understanding of music and the making of music is an indubitable factor in him releasing unquestionable excellence every time. What is most apparent in his work as a producer is that Peter simply adores music. It is a love affair that seems only to get stronger and stronger.

Another and very admirable fact is that Peter Kruder only releases music that he wants to release. He will always refrain from releasing average or mediocrity or to churn out like a conveyer belt just to suit others or get his name in the press. Peter Kruder is not a music machine; he is a sonic heart with strong convictions and an unshakable belief in releasing only the very best. His goal every time is to be better and better with each outing.

‘Visions Ltd’ was released to record stores worldwide on April 28, 2009 on International Deejay Gigolo Records. Check out Kruder on Myspace. Also, be sure to catch Peter Kruder on Hell’s landmark 2XCD artist release "Teufelswerk" that launched in late April.


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