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BASS: Denise, Logic Bomb headline Norcal's PSYMBIOTEK electronic music festival

DJ DeniseA global lineup of DJs and top locals including San Francisco's Denise (pictured left) of Misumo Music and Antiserum (Full Melt) will play dance and chill grooves at a unique gathering set outdoors on the Feather River in Northern California at the PSYMBIOTEK electronic music festival. The three-day event begins this Friday, July 10, event organizers announced.

Some 100 DJs and producers from as far as Israel and Sweden -- Nordic DJ Logic Bomb is among the offshore performers who are returning to the festival -- will play Psytrance, Dubstep, Tech-House, Chill and live drums at the BELDEN TOWN FESTIVAL EVENT SPACE, welcoming friends of all ages to experience a psymbiotek awakening to nature, art and music. The camp out and art festival goes from July 10 to 12.

Tickets are $50 in advance and $80 at the door for the full weekend's festivities. Tickets are available at Skills in Berkeley, Cieba Rec in San Francisco and Streetlight Rec in San Jose. Ticket price at the stores includes one free GeoMagnetic CD of your choice. Presale tickets are also available at record lable GeoMagnetic's website.

Some key performers this weekend include:

Dr. Paradise, 20 year veteran and pioneer of the digital FX realm who is ready to saturate our visual cortex all night Saturday with his live mega-high resolution interactive show on the psy stage.

Katya (Green Sector) and Treavor Wyse are coming up from LA to transform the Breaks / Edm Stage into a funktastic groove zone.

Full Melt residents DJ Ripple and Antiserum will drop sets showcasing their unique blending of the various subwoofer-focused music styles. Expect Dubstep, Grime and Sublow beats mashed together in their bass-line fueled DJ sets.

DJ Denise, an integral part of the San Francisco club and underground scene since 1998, will mix anything from funky house to tech and electro house during her set. Denise founded the house label Mizumo Music in 2005 and has been releasing original productions and remixes ever since. To hear Denise's DJ set that she provided to WORD'N'BASS.com as an audio feature click here.

The rest of the decorative crew include Clymax providing string art, PSYLOTUS 3D dishing sculptures, EYEZMIND 4D stretch art, Ooze System's Intergalactic Garden and Christine Webb’s Visionary paintings. Other visuals and art installations provided by The Twisted Traveler/Dreamtime/CCC and TaoDeco psy-banners, ABDCTN Alien Art and Live Painting, plus a continuously changing lighting installation from the Mendocino Organized Chaos crew covering all the areas.

New additions to the line up announced this week include Live and DJ sets from:

X-Noise (HOM-mega, Israel), Chromatone / Morphatrix (Nano, SF/Australia), Sonic Species (Alchemy, UK), Primordial Ooze (GeoMagnetic, WI), Arahat (PsyCircle, SD), Planewalker (GeoMagnetic, OR), Parus (AuraQuake, SF), Nov Sanus (Hearts Eye Rec, SF) and Dat Girl (LA).


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