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BASS: Starkillers remixes Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Sex & Money’
Edited Press release

Starkillers has just finished his Warner Brothers-commissioned remix of Paul Oakenfold’s new track Sex & Money that features Pharrell Williams, record label Star 69 announced. Paul Oakenfold is the DJ, remixer, and producer who helped to break House music in Britain in the late 1980s during the new musical form’s birth.

Starkillers, whose legal name is Nick Terranova, earlier this year saw his Discoteka album released in North America on Peter Rauhofer’s Star 69 Records. The album was originally released on Holland’s Spinnin’ Records and now has become a hit in dance clubs across the U.S. and Canada.

Warner had Oakenfold and Pharrell Williams (part of the beat-making duo The Neptunes) create this track, and asked Starkillers to produce a hot new "electribe" spin on it.

Terranova is the producer behind such production names as Starkillers, Aftertouch, Hi-Lo and Nick Touch, and is known for taking the new Electro House sound and fusing it with NYC tribal beats, resulting in a new style that he likes to call "nasty, dirty, rockin’ electribe."


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