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WORD: Molly Jong-Fast ends absence with new memoir

Molly Jong-Fast made a smash debut with her novel Normal Girl a few years back, at the age of 21 surprising readers with a smooth literary style and bitingly humorous take on life as the drugged up, party-hopping daughter of a famous author. Writing was in her blood, they said. Then Erica Jong’s daughter disappeared.

Not quite. It turns out that over the past five years, Jong-Fast got married, had a baby boy, and finally has her sophomore work ready. Jong-Fast returns to the scene next month with the release of THE SEX DOCTORS IN THE BASEMENT: True Stories from a Semi-Celebrity Childhood.

According to publicist Megan Underwood, the new memoir “offers readers a front row seat to her extremely unconventional and bohemian 1980’s childhood.” The Villard hardcover hits stores on April 12.



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