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WORD: St. Martin’s Press line-up creating early buzz

The St. Martin’s Press 2005 line-up is already stirring buzz early in the year. Of course, when your titles detour from the same old coming-of-age doldrums that the industry churns out every year, buzz tends to follow. Here are three St. Martin’s authors to watch in 2005.

Amanda MarquitAmanda Marquit, at 18 already a successful debut novelist, is on the read-and-greet circuit in support of her January release, Shut the Door. Marquit apparently has dished out a serving of “shock value” to the mainstream media due to her candid passages on sex. More relevantly, this novel could give us an early look at a future top talent. Expect an in depth review soon at WORD’N’BASS.com.

Author Martha O'Connor releases her first novel, The Bitch Posse – the title alone prompted us to immediately chase down her publicist for a preview – in May 2005. Early buzz on this novel is it’s “haunting.” WORD’N’BASS.com will review O’Connor’s anticipated debut in the late spring.

Bruce Campbell, who earlier wrote the break-into-Hollywood-or-bust title If Chins Could Kill, has his first novel on tap for a June release. His cheesy title Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way could get overshadowed by a tasty premise: B-list actor lucks into A-list role, has panic attack, then takes crash course in method acting. Don’t expect a Marlon Brando appearance, but do expect mania and excess. Campbell recently appeared in something called Bubba Ho-Tep. Is Bubba Ho-Tep Samoan for “author platform?”

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