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WORD: American Booksellers Association announces IndieBound program
Edited Press Release

Responding to both the consumer shift toward shopping at independent retailers and the growing emphasis on the ideas of localism and sustainability, the American Booksellers Association launched IndieBound, a program to bring together booksellers, readers, indie retailers, local business alliances and others who believe that healthy local economies help communities thrive.

Following a year of study and planning the ABA, a not-for-profit trade organization founded in 1900, designed a program to tap into a growing national movement, creating new and interesting ways for independent booksellers and other independent businesses to better communicate their core strengths -- independence, passion, community -- to their customers.

IndieBound is an outgrowth of ABA's successful Book Sense marketing program, and will continue many of its established features, including bookseller recommendations and bestseller lists.

"America has clearly reached a tipping point -- people are choosing Main Street over malls. Nationwide, people are renewing their ties to friends, neighbors, and institutions in their cities and towns," said ABA CEO Avin Mark Domnitz in a press release.

"Independent booksellers have long been valued community centers for culture, connection, and fun, and through IndieBound we believe that booksellers and other indie retailers are at the forefront of a movement that is already being embraced by shoppers."

A community based website IndieBound.org will serve as the gateway to the entire indie community, with access to The Declaration of IndieBound manifesto, blogs, and user profiles. The website features The Indie Next List ("Great Reads From Booksellers You Trust") and the Indie Bestseller List, and it will add more content and community-building features in the coming months.

Growth of the IndieBound movement will be apparent nationwide throughout the year. Through a "Literary Liberation" box mailing, ABA is sending its independently owned members IndieBound posters, bookmarks, and many other book-related display items during the first two weeks of June. And, importantly, IndieBound materials can be used either in the bookstore or shared with other local independent retailers.

"Independent booksellers in stores of all sizes will soon proudly be telling their customers and other indie retailers that 'we're IndieBound,'" said ABA President Gayle Shanks of Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona.

"Locally owned, indie booksellers introduce readers to great new writing, contribute far more to the health of their local economies, and play a crucial role in maintaining the unique character of their communities. I can't wait to begin working together with other indie retailers to spread the IndieBound movement."


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