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WORD: Frank Beddor takes 'Seeing Redd' to bestsellers list with multimedia

Author Frank Beddor, who has turned heads with his scintillating take on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland," has launched a bevy of multimedia offerings that could represent the next wave in author promotions. Check out some of the things he did for his latest novel "Seeing Redd" that has helped make it a smash hit -- his second book to hit the NY Times Bestsellers list in two years.

Beddor, a former producer of films such as "There’s Something about Mary," saw potential for his story beyond the black and white, two-dimensional page. He made an amazing special effects movie trailer for "Seeing Redd" that blows away just about any book trailer we’ve seen yet. Check it out here.

"Seeing Redd" is a continuation of the sensation Beddor caused last year with his revelatory debut novel "The Looking Glass Wars," in which he took a beloved tale and turned it on its head by revealing an alternate reality of Wonderland.

In addition, Beddor is expanding "The Looking Glass Wars" experience this fall through a cross-platform of multi-media entertainment: novels, comic books (a graphic novel came out on Sept. 26), a scrapbook that launches in November, an online interactive game (September), and a soundtrack that’s available now.

Explaining the scope of Beddor’s various related projects, publicist Megan Beatie told WORD’N’BASS.com that each one is specifically designed to enrich the reader’s understanding and appreciation of the world he’s created, so that there’s no limit to the potential of "The Looking Glass Wars" experience.


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