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WORD: Flux taps literary agent Diver's novel 'Vamped' for May release
Edited Press Release
Lucienne Diver, a long-time book addict who went to work for Spectrum Literary Agency fifteen years ago to feed her habit, says she has traded in her high-rise for a lake view and written a cheeky novel "Vamped" that publisher Flux has slated for release on May 1, 2009. Flux is a new imprint geared to teen and young adult readers.

Diver now lives in Florida and works for The Knight Agency. Through various play-dates and in various coffee bars, on the backs of envelopes, carry-out bags and anything else within reach, including, sometimes, her checkbook, she wrote Vamped as a serio-comic tale of what happens when a young fashionista goes from chic to eek. 
Diver sent an advance excerpt of Vamped to WORD'N'BASS to give readers an idea of what to expect from her upcoming novel. From a section titled "Valley Vamp Rules for Surviving Your Senior Prom" by Vamped heroine Gina Covello:
Rule # 1: Do not get so loaded at the after prom party that you accidentally-on-purpose end up in the broom closet with the surprise hottie of the evening, say the class chess champ who’s somewhere lost his bottle-cap lenses and undergone an extreme mak eover, especially if that makeover has anything to do with becoming one of the undead.
Gina Covello has a problem. Waking up a dead is just the beginning. There's very little she can't put up with for the sake of eternal youth and beauty.

Blood-sucking and pointy stick phobias seem a small price to pay. But she draws the line when local vampire vixen Mellisande gets designs on her hot new boyfriend with his prophecied powers and hatches a plot to turn all of Gina’s fellow students into an undead army to be used to overthrow the vampire council.
Hey, if anyone's going to create an undead entourage, it should be Gina!  Now she must unselfishly save her classmates from fashion disaster and her own fanged fate.
More information about Flux is available at the publisher's website. Lucienne Diver has an author’s website, as well as a blog.


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