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WORD: St. John Mandel inks with Unbridled Books for sophomore novel

Emily St. John Mandel, coming off high praise for her incredible debut novel "Last Night in Montreal," will have her promising career continue with Unbridled Books after the indie publisher snapped up her sophomore work, Emily told WORD'N'BASS.com.

St. John Mandel has continued making promotional appearances from New Hampshire to Toronto in support of her debut novel months after its June launch. But she’s also had an eye on her sophomore work, and has been revising and proofing the novel.

Her hard work paid off. Unbridled bought The Singer's Gun from her literary agent Emilie Jacobson at Curtis Brown in New York City, who negotiated both of her book deals.

Emily Mandel"It's exciting -- I absolutely love working with Unbridled Books, and it's wonderful to be working with them on a second project," St. John Mandel (pictured left) said.

Don’t expect a sophomore slump from St. John Mandel, who appears to have settled into some interesting regular themes such as criminality and yearning told through quirky characters -- but this time she has quite a different twist.

The Singer's Gun is a noir-tinged criminal mystery and a love story about a man who sells social security cards and false passports to illegal aliens in New York.

The talented St. John Mandel already showed her writing chops with convincing portrayals of male characters in "Last Night." Now readers can anticipate seeing her portray a sketchy male protagonist in The Singer's Gun, which Unbridled plans to publish in spring 2010.


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