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WORD: San Francisco novelist García debuts with 'badbadbad,' book tour begins May 19

San Francisco author Jesús Ángel García will launch his debut novel "badbadbad" (New Pulp Press) with a party on May 19 in The City that kicks off a nationwide tour for García's work, described as a transmedia novel about sex, God, rock ‘n’ roll and the social web.

badbadbad begins after his wife inexplicably flees from home with their infant son, leading Jesús Ángel García on a struggle to redefine himself by being of service on both sides of the Southern cultural divide. By day, he works as the humble, God-fearing webmaster for First Church of the Church Before Church.

But at night, he plays the part of sexual messiah on fallen angels, an online social network for extreme desires. Blinded by righteousness, obsession and identity confusion, Jesús refuses to change his path even as it leads to the greatest of sins.

badbadbad "merges the pulpy feel of those old-fashioned gas station novels with something as dark and surreal as a David Lynch film," according to Michael Seidlinger, author of "The Day We Delay."

The project is a literary-audio-visual experience that combines a traditional print book, a soundtrack of original songs derived from the narrative & a documentary film based on the novel's themes of fear, hypocrisy, sexual morality, e-culture & self-destruction versus redemption, García notes.

The badbadbad tour begins with a launch party Thursday, May 19 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at Fivepoints Arthouse 72 Tehama Street in downtown San Francisco. The event includes a reading, live music, film clips from badbadbad and bulesque dancers.

The tour itinerary currently includes San Francisco, L.A., San Diego, New York (three shows), Chicago (four shows), Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Cambridge, Boston, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, Portland, and Seattle.

Click here for more information about New Pulp Press or here to get the novel at Amazon. More about Garcia and badbadbad is at his website. Click here to listen to a badbadbad podcast.


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