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WORD: Seth Greenland’s sophomore novel ‘Shining City’ launches today

"Julian Ripps was too fat to be reclining in a hot tub between a pair of naked women, unless he was rich or they were prostitutes." And so begins "Shining City," Seth Greenland’s (pictured left) sophomore novel that Bloomsbury USA launches today (July 8) after considerable momentum including a major film deal.

Seth Greenland

When Greenland told us his next novel would center around "a middle class guy who loses his means of making a living and, finding himself cast loose in George W. Bush’s America, must resort to nefarious means to support his family" little did we know the protagonist would become a pimp.

Marcus Ripps (Julian’s brother) is an average middle class family man who is suddenly unemployed with a boatload of debt to pay off. When Julian dies, leaving Marcus his dry cleaning shop on Melrose Avenue, it turns out to be a front for a lucrative escort service.

Soon, average guy Marcus morphs into "Breeze," a family values type pimp who hooks up his girls with 401 (k) plans and health coverage. An idyllic life perhaps, but not for long. Readers should expect plenty of sex, guns, roughneck bodyguards, rival pimps and a corpse to get in the way of that.

Seth Greenland, who has spent most of his career writing screenplays in Hollywood, sold the screen rights to "Shining City" to Warner Brothers in a million dollar deal well ahead of the novel's publishing date.

Greenland’s first novel "The Bones" (Bloomsbury USA) enjoyed wide critical praise and also had the screen right sold to a major studio. Sony picked up those rights from his agent David Kanter of talent agency Anonymous Content.


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