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WORD: Jenny Gardiner debuts novel 'Sleeping with Ward Cleaver’
Edited Press Release

Virginia resident
Jenny Gardiner is poised to win the hearts of readers across the country with the release of her debut women's fiction book "Sleeping With Ward Cleaver" this February, Dorchester Publishing announced. Gardiner won the North American-wide 2006 American Title III contest sponsored by Dorchester Publishing, leading to her fiction signing with the firm.

Novelist and journalist Jenny Gardiner breathes new life into women’s fiction with her witty, no-nonsense approach to rejuvenating a marriage that has lost its fire in Sleeping With Ward Cleaver. Gardiner has taken a fresh, realistic approach that every woman can relate to. This story will touch every woman that has been desperate to redefine herself as who she wants to be versus who she has ended up.

Sleeping With Ward Cleaver will resonate with today’s woman who is struggling to have it all: a husband she loves, children she adores and a career that is fulfilling. Its perfect mix of sarcasm, humor, realism and love, and is a powerful exploration of the choice to make a marriage work through honesty, laughter and hard work.

Wife and mother of three, Jenny Gardiner is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, in a regular column in Charlottesville’s Daily Progress, as well as on regional NPR affiliates and nationally on NPR’s Day to Day.

"The intense and startlingly honest emotions presented by the heroine in Jenny's book are sure to win over other readers like they did the judges of the American Title III contest, but this book wouldn’t be half so enjoyable if the author didn't have a delightful sense of humor and an eye for detailing the foibles of the modern woman and mother," Senior Editor Chris Keeslar said in a press release.

Gardiner will be holding a book launch party next month at the historic Paramount Theater on 215 East Main Street in Charlottesville, VA, on February 2 from 7 to 11 p.m. She is donating royalties from the sales of books at the party to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. All attending are asked to bring at least one item of non-perishable food to the party, which will be distributed to several food kitchens in the area.

To learn more about Jenny Gardiner, visit www.jennygardiner.net.


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