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WORD: Sakey launches fourth crime novel ‘The Amateurs’ -- with excerpt

Crime writer Marcus Sakey is back with his fourth novel in a less than three years. This Thursday (Aug. 6), his latest work "The Amateurs" (Dutton) hits bookstores across Ameircan and e-bookstores worldwide, he announced today.

The Amateurs follows the misadventures of four twentysomethings who try to beat the doldrums of moving into their thirties as failures with a "victimless crime" -- only to find their world unravel amid killings as ruthless men pursue them.

Sakey came out with his first novel in 2007 as a virtual unknown, only to garner significant buzz for his debut effort The Blade Itself. Since then he’s penned a novel every half year and has become one of America’s most prolific crime novelists who The San Jose Mercery News calls "an astoundingly good writer."

"To celebrate, I’m hosting a party in Chicago this Thursday night," Sakey said in an email today. The event, which features an open bar, happens on August 6 from 7 to 10pm at Sheffield’s Beer Garden located at 3258 N. Sheffield.

Unlike prior tours when he hit several bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area, most of Sakey’s events are centered near the Chicagoland area and elsewhere in the Midwest. Check out his website for details.

To read an except of Sakey’s The Amateurs click here.


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