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WORD: Mulholland Books to publish late crime writer Jim Thompson novels
Mulholland Books announced Tuesday that it will publish 25 e-books by legendary crime writer Jim Thompson, who is widely credited with turning pulp fiction into an art form. Well-known novels like "The Grifters," "After Dark My Sweet," "The Killer Inside Me," and other Thompson classics are on tap as e-book editions, the publisher said.

Through Feb. 8, 2012, the publisher had 11 Thompson titles already available in the e-book section of its website. Over the next few months it published additional classics like "Bad Boy" and "Savage Night" and made more than a dozen of his titles available in Kindle editions at Amazon.
Thompson published 29 crime novels before he died in 1977. Several films have been made based on his books over the years, including by directors Sam Peckinpah and Stephen Frears.
Mulholland Books is an imprint of Little, Brown and Company devoted to publishing suspense and crime fiction that published its first book in April 2011.
When Little, Brown announced the imprint was forming in June 2010 under the helm of Editor John Schoenfelder, it made a splash by buying novels by former L.A. prosecutor Marcia Clark, mystery grandmaster Lawrence Block, and rising stars such as Charlie Huston.
To find out more about Mulholland Books, checkout the publisher’s website or Facebook page.


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