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WORD: Wesley Strick returns to Hollywood, sophomore novel status unknown

Since WORD'N'BASS.com is now going on four years old, it's time to start a 'Where are they now?' series. Let's start off with the talented Wesley Strick. When Wesley made a fantastic debut with his novel "Out There in the Dark" (St. Martin's) that was set in World War II Hollywood, I felt it was a sign of promising things to come from the veteran screenwriter. Who would've guessed that his edgy noir story would also be his last?

Last I heard from Wesley, he had just completed his sophomore novel "Wise Child" and it was "going out to publishers" with literary agent Richard Abate at ICM, but I never heard of a deal getting completed. Well, it looks like Wesley -- who wrote the screenplay for Martin Scorsese's remake of "Cape Fear" and "Arachnophobia" among many other films -- has packed it in on the book scene.

Warner Bros. division New Line Cinema has reportedly hired him to write the relaunch of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series. The original Nightmare, written and directed by Wes Craven, was released in 1984. The new project will keep the high school setting and delve deeper in the psychology of nightmares and Freddy Krueger himself, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Why didn't Wise Child sell is the question I want to know. Wesley's a damn good writer and as far as I could tell Out There was a critical and commercial success. Then again, maybe Wesley simply packed it in on a book industry that doesn't pay much by Hollywood standards.

Maybe he dropped a hint in this interview when he said, "I had mixed feelings about (writing novels) because, as you know, books don't pay that well and they take a long time to write." Well, if the book industry couldn't afford Wesley I hope he flourishes back in the Hollywood jungle.

As for Wesley's agent, Richard Abate has since jumped ship to Endeavor, where he’s making big bucks selling books for actors like Rob Lowe, whose memoir reportedly went to publisher Twelve earlier this year at auction.


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