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WORD: Film rights for Greenland’s The Bones goes to Sony; heavyweight producer tapped

Seth GreenlandHollywood screenwriter and debut author Seth Greenland has informed WORD’N’BASS.com that Sony Pictures optioned the film rights to his novel The Bones, which was recently published by Bloomsbury. Greenland will read at San Francisco's Booksmith in the Upper Haight district Tuesday, Mar. 23.

The Bones follows the misadventures of a Bad Boy stand up comic Frank Bones, who gets cast as an Eskimo in a television sitcom. Instead, he tries forcing the studio to back a show based on his life as a cocaine snorting, liquor chugging, womanizing comedian.

Sony Pictures has tapped producer John Calley - currently working on bringing best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code to the big screen - to head The Bones’ conversion to a film.

Greenland, who is also a longtime playwright, says his agent David Kanter of talent agency Anonymous Content handled the deal. Naturally, Greenland will adapt the screenplay himself.

San Francisco Bay Area book fans can catch Greenland this week during his book tour in support of The Bones. He will read at San Francisco's Booksmith, located on upper Haight Street on Tuesday, Mar. 23, beginning at 7pm.

After then, he returns to his native New York City, where he will read at Barnes & Noble's Upper West Side location on Mar. 28.

Expect a full review of The Bones at WORD’N’BASS.com soon.



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