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BASS: Nervous Records tabs Oscar G for 3-disc artist album 'DJ' (de'ja') - with audio
Edited Press Release

At a time when most dance labels are cutting costs, stripping back and going digital only, Nervous Records is doing the opposite with Oscar G’s new three-disc effort, "DJ" (de'ja'). Oscar’s project comes without the influence or suggestions of hit-making Nervous Records, the label said. WORD'N'BASS obtained samples of Oscar's latest House music tracks from his upcoming album, which includes a disc of new productions, a live mix and a DVD of Oscar G in concert.

Oscar GThis is 100% from the mind of Oscar G (pictured left) and offers a comprehensive and honest look at what’s made this artist a sensation at home in Miami and via the global dance charts.

Disc 1 features 10 brand new Oscar G original productions. Those familiar with Oscar’s chart topping work with Murk partner Ralph Falcon will be surprised by Oscar’s new direction. While tracks like "Stuck On You (featuring Stryke)" and "Your Love (Featuring Tamara Wallace)" will appeal to fans of solid vocal house, there’s also a surprise in store for those into dance’s music minimal side. "Innosence" (click here for free download) is a solid piece of minimal 4/4 electronic music wound tightly with all sorts of lovely bleepy things and gorgeous melodies. It’s beautiful stuff and the product of Oscar G’s recent shift from analog to digital gear.

Disc 2 offers a look into Oscar G "The DJ." Now, this is not just another disposable DJ mix recorded somewhere out there. This mix was recorded live and represents Oscar G’s DJ set on the Space Miami Terrace at 7AM on @ Sunday morning -- peak time. A Space resident DJ for nine years, this mix CD offers a look into what this world renowned residency is all about. The disc is programmed with tracks that can only be described as "the Miami sound." That’s because Oscar chose tracks from many friends and fellow Miami producers including Christian Falero, Ralph Falcon, Lazaro Casanova and more. If the artist album and DJ mix doesn’t give you enough of a picture, then flip over to Disc 3 for a video documentation of an evening of music conducted by Oscar G at Space Miami. Watch the DVD trailer here.

"The reality of plummeting cd sales, and increased closures of music stores makes it increasingly difficult to justify the expense of producing interesting, high quality physical CD packages. But as much as I have to play the role of label president, I'm also a fan of the dj/producers on the roster. And as a fan I know the kind of product and package that would make me want to make something part of my collection. The new Oscar G CD, for example, is a triple pack digi-pak double cd/dvd. It's an amazing release and I know that if we do our job and make something special, the fans will support," said Michael Weiss, Nervous Records President in a press release.

In addition to the release of "DJ" (de'ja') Oscar G is also in the midst of launching several exciting new projects. First up is the launch of Oscar’s brand new label Three-O-Five Digital (www.myspace.com/threeofivedigital)with partner Stryke and featured artists Ralph Falcon, Lazaro Casanova and Noise Artistry. You can check out the labels first release "The Made In Miami EP" on MySpace. On the live front, Oscar G expands beyond the walls of traditional 4/4 beat driven clubs and takes it back to his Cuban roots with a brand new weekly Wednesday night residency at Hoy Como Ayer. Once dubbed "CBGB as a nostalgic salsa joint in the heart of Little Havana," Oscar’s sets at Hoy Como Ayer will feature a fusion of traditional Cuban music with house music and lots of exclusives created just for this party.

Oscar G "DJ" (de'ja') is released August 11, 2009 on Nervous Records. Oscar G will play a summer tour in support of "DJ" (de'ja') at the following venues:

July 4,  The Mark, Atlanta, GA

July 22, Hoy Como Ayer, Miami, FL

July 24, Spy Bar, Chicago, IL

August 1, Avalon, Los Angeles, CA(with Ralph Falcon as Murk)

September 6, Rain, Las Vegas, NV (with Ralph Falcon as Murk)

Oscar G’s latest work comes after last year's Innov8. He also did the 2007 mix CD/DVD release "Nervous Nitelife: Space Miami" -- a huge success for both the label and artist. In addition, he's done several critically acclaimed mixed albums including Made In Miami (Star 69 Records).

For more information on Nervous Records check out their website.


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