BPM Smith

Sept. 19, 2010: BPM Smith often works Electronica artists into the weekly WORD’N’BASS Show’s Downtempo sets. In this mix, he lulls listeners into a trancelike state with the dreamy atmospherics of Aaron Sontag & Nica Brooke before turning to UK and European artists who’ve defined the genre such as UNKLE, Röyksopp, Smith & Mighty and Underworld, among others. As always, this set is served chilled without editing of the original live broadcast.


July 25, 2010: BPM Smith’s latest mix fuses global artists who have been staples of the genre, from Scotland’s Boards of Canada to British pioneers Cinematic Orchestra and Purple Penguin as well as continental Europeans like St. Germaine, DJ Cam and Viva La Fete. American duo Thunderball and a remix of Brazilian bossa nova singer Astrud Gilberto switches up the vibe of this set, dedicated to martini-drinking lounge lizards around the world and served chilled — without editing of the original live broadcast.


April 20, 2010: BPM Smith continued what’s become an April 20th tradition at WORD’N’BASS, digging deep into his shiny silver record case to mix new and old artists for this year’s special 420 Drum & Bass set. After a Mode Mellow remix and eerie Candyman appearance, he drops Klute, SKC, Photek and Nu: Tone, offsetting them with remixes of BSE and Chris Su and crossed with spaced out effects throughout — ideal for lighting up. As always this mix is “unfiltered,” with no editing from the original live broadcast.


December 14, 2009: In a wide-ranging set that goes from the uplifting beats of the Dub Pistols, Papa Byrd and Dub Congress to ambient sounds from DJ Krush and Tarwater, BPM Smith churns out another Downtempo set that will keep heads nodding for the full hour. Listen close for his remixes of Plasticman and The Crystal Method.


August 10, 2009: Don your aviator shades, tap the cappuccino machine and cue up BPM Smith’s latest Downtempo and Electro as he mixes organic, chilled out atmospherics and head-nodding beats. From classic Neotropic, Rae & Christian and Laurent Garnier to House/Electro staples like Jondi & Spesh, Gregory Tresher, Pole Folder & CP and brand new DJ Hell, here BPM Smith churns out a mix for party heads in need of a relaxing hour.


April 20, 2009: Continuing the annual tradition here at WORD’N’BASS, BPM Smith mixed a special 420 Drum ‘N’ Bass set for DNB heads who are lighting up in their silk smoker jackets and green tinted shades. After a Star Encounters intro, BPM Smith keeps the beats slower than usual with producers Flytronix, Electrosoul System, D-Bridge, Calbre and some surprisingly chilled out Noisia — against a backdrop of a DJ Hell interlude and spaced out effects throughout. This set’s dedicated to the Martians of Earth.


December 31, 2008: As the clock approaches midnight, BPM Smith cooks up a fresh set of Drum ‘N’ Bass to properly ring in 2009. In this special New Years Eve DNB mix, he merges Luke Slater’s atmospherics with a white label DNB before transitioning to today’s finest producers from the UK, Brazil and Europe, including A-Sides, Koop and Chis Su, among others, followed by the heavy bass bombs of Calyx, Laroque and Vital Elements. As always, this set is organically served, with no editing of the original mix performed live during the WORD’N’BASS Show.



October 11, 2008: BPM Smith’S Downtempo sets traditionally kick off the WORD’N’BASS Show, broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area on 104.1 FM on Friday nights from 10:30 pm to 1 am. In this latest set he focuses on veteran beat producers Tosca, DJ Cam, and Lemongrass as well as newly emerging artists like Idjut Boys and De Spira who are helping the lounge scene move in new directions. As always, this set is served chilled — with no editing of the original live broadcast.



August 12, 2008: BPM Smith, who first hit the turntables in 2000 by mixing Downtempo and broken beats, returns to his roots with a chilled out set during the WORD‘N’BASS Show. Here he starts with Dub and Hip Hop producers like Zeb, Thievery Corporation and Oakland’s own Trinidad before ratcheting up the pacing to the smooth grooves of Ben Wa, Bjorn B and a spaced out remix of Kruder & Dorfmeister, among others.



June 22, 2008: BPM Smith enters the space age once again and cooks up his latest Drum ‘N’ Bass mix. Here he remixes Star Trek Voices with Electrosoul System during a dreamy intro, before dropping some fast and fluid bass bombs with producers like Chis Su, Klute, Bad Robot, Calyx & Kontrol, Total Science, and Noisia, among others. As always, this mix is 100% organic, with no editing of the original live broadcast.



April 20, 2008: It’s become a yearly tradition here at WORD’N’BASS to post a special 420 Drum ‘N’ Bass set and today’s no exception. BPM Smith makes a slow take-off with Banco de Gaia before launching into the heavy bass stratosphere with producers like Young Axe, Greg Packer, Kinetic and longtime favorite Photek, among others. Also listen for some white label surprises and a “Novocaine” chaser with John Rolodex & Synoflex.



April 16, 2008: The basslines are low and the energy is high in this BPM Smith Downtempo set, which marks his traditional kick-off of the WORD’N’BASS Show. Hear chilled out producers like The Cinematic Orchestra, Jazzanova and UNCLE plus Electro pioneers including Lorne, Midival Punditz, Petersky and a remix of Neotropic in this session of slow cooking beats.



March 19, 2008: In this latest Downtempo mix BPM Smith launches the WORD’N’BASS Show with producers like Dragonfly, Plaid and West Side Chemical while gradually bumping up the BPM to Electro and Breaks artists Starkillers, Aphex Twin and DJ Icey. Watch for an appearance by the legendary William S. Burroughs and get your latest taste of chilled out beats while they’re hot.



February 19, 2008: The Martians are coming! BPM Smith opened last Friday’s WORD’N’BASS Show show by remixing a surprisingly jazzy track from longtime staple D.Kay, then dropped a series of bass bombs with producers like BSE, Jade, Nu: Tone, Noisia and Klute. Watch for intermittent spaced out effects throughout this mix, plus Morphine’s spoken word transition cut to DNB beats.



January 27, 2008: It’s time to once again enter the chill out chamber, where lounge lizards relax and bass heads settle into ambient beats. Here BPM Smith mixes Downtempo staples such as Air, Kid Loco, A Forest Mighty Black, Luke Slater, Voom Voom and Meat Beat Manifesto, among others. As always, WORD’N’BASS.com presents this to you organically mixed and served fresh, with no editing of the original broadcast.


November 18, 2007: In this latest mix, BPM Smith churns out a fast and fluid DNB set that includes the latest breakthrough producers like Trei and Psidream while giving a nod to longtime artists from the UK such as Aphrodite and Klute. As always, this mix is presented “unfiltered,” served raw and unedited from the original live show.