Social media update

They’re banned no more!

I was one of the last holdouts to embrace social media. That should surprise nobody since I’m also still lugging vinyl records around and view DJs who work only off computers as dorks. I ignored Facebook until 2008 because I figured if people wanted to talk they could holla at my ever present cell phone. Yeah, remember back when phones weren’t smart? We’d blast out abbreviated text messages to each other 10 times a day instead.

Then, as more and more authors and DJs started tweeting I ignored that as well. Who needs 140 characters of gibberish, I thought. Then I realized I could stalk – I mean, follow the progress of – my favorite hot tennis players like Victoria Azarenka and Bojana Jovanovski at Twitter.

Lightbulb! Now I’ve not-so-reluctantly entered the beast. So if you want to follow me at Twitter go ahead and I’ll follow back. You can also friend me at Facecrack.